Long Island Husband and Wife Launch Plethora – an Innovative Mobile App Focused on Location, Connection, and Organic Business Growth

UNIONDALE, July 18, 2022 – Entrepreneurs Craig and Mor Rappaport are on a mission to connect a “plethora” of Long Island vendors to a loyal – and local – customer base.

The husband and wife team recently announced their newest self-funded venture: Plethora, an app that uses GPS and geo mapping technology to pair mobile-based services like house cleaning, plumbing, personal training, and even food trucks with consumers in their immediate area.

“We have created a platform for every kind of mobile service,” explained co-founder Craig Rappaport. “Our app features ten different categories including Home Services, Pet Care, and Party Services among others, with an unlimited amount of subcategories. Plethora offers business owners word-of-mouth lead generation, marketing campaigns, employee scheduling, customer communications, a built-in administrative assistant and much more – all within one easy-to-use and affordable app.”

Additionally, providers on Plethora have the option of live broadcasting their current whereabouts to end users – an especially advantageous feature for vendors that frequently change location, like food trucks, donation drives, and Realtor open houses.

For Rappaport, the love of a summertime favorite inspired a little entrepreneurial ingenuity. “I always loved the ice cream man,” he remembered, “and I wanted him at my beck and call. With Plethora, when an ice cream truck is on its way to a specific location, users in that area will get a push notification saying ‘hey, the ice cream truck is coming.’ Those users can then ‘ping’ that ice cream truck to come to their house too. The same goes for the plumber, the pet groomer, the pest control professional, you name it. Users can see that mobile service in their area, and then request the service for themselves.”

Rappaport added that users can also search for service professionals within a selected proximity. “If you do an internet search for ‘plumber,’ you may get results from all over the place. Instead, Plethora allows you to search for providers who are close to you and may be able to get to you quicker.”

Long Island businesses can join Plethora for $99 a month and start immediately connecting with leads in their area – for no additional charge. “Some companies have created platforms where they’ll take 20 to 30% of a business’ sales in order to utilize the platform,” Rappaport described. “These same companies will often also hit the end user with a fee when booking services through their platform. There are no sign up fees, no ads, and no service charges on Plethora. That was something that was incredibly important for us to implement.”

Also important to the Rappaports? Philanthropy. Use of Plethora is complementary for
any mobile charitable organization.

In anticipation of its forthcoming debut, Plethora has an exclusive offer for Long Island’s
mobile service providers: sign on as a vendor before launch, and receive three months
on the platform free of charge. Furthermore, Plethora vendors who refer the app to
other mobile businesses will get an additional month for free, upon their referral’s first
paid month.

Plethora is expected to launch in August 2022.

For more information on Plethora and its benefits, visit https://joinplethora.com

To sign up as a vendor prior to Plethora’s launch, visit https://joinplethora.com/mobile-vendors

For additional media inquires, contact Craig Rappaport at Hello@JoinPlethora.com

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